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Gear for the Horse, Rider, Barn and Trailer


Having just the right supplies for your barn is really important.  We've just started to offer some of the best, most useful barn supplies including hoofpicks, totes for hay and so many other things, brushes and scrubbies and gloves to protect your hands.  We'll be adding more soon.


To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here




by World Class Equine

is so ingenious, it should be standard equipment in every barn.

The Rigid Top on the bag allows easy access

and the bottom stiffener helps to hold its shape.

This bag can be hung up using the D-Rings

along the back edge on a blanket bar or tack room wall.

The handy shoulder strap is included.

This is the ideal solution to organize and

keep your blankets, hoods, sheets, slinkies,

and neck wraps handy and clean.

The bag is made of 600 Denier Polyester

with a vinyl back and comes in 11 colors.

Mesh sides allow for air circulation.

The top flap has 2 buckles. 

Three Versions    

(01) is the Original.

(02) has three interior pockets along the back inside panel.

            (03) has exterior pockets as well as interior.

Measures 24" Wide x 30 " Long and is

Made in the USA


Available in Blue, Red, Navy, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Black, Purple, Brown

See fabric chart A below

STLLBG01         $65.00

STLLBG02        $74.00

STLLBG03        $78.00


This item may require an extra shipping fee.







This is the perfect addition to your stalls.

Personalize it with your barn or horse’s name.

Available in either Mesh for added ventilation or in our polyester vinyl-backed fabric.

Measures 21” x 39” with 4 metal D-Rings and is

Made in the USA

Available in Blue, Red, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Black, Brown, Purple, Navy

See fabric chart below


STLLGRD01    Mesh     $28.00

 STLLGRD02    Vinyl       $28.00


This item may require an extra shipping fee.



To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here



by World Class Equine welll constructed of superior nylon.

and is both lightweight and durable.

These 25ft. longe lines are available with a

swivel snap and can be overlayed to accept a


(Monogram is extra)

Made in the USA

Available in Blue, Hunter Green, Navy, Red,

Bright Yellow, Black, Hot Pink, Purple and Burgundy.

See fabric chart A below

LNGLN01                 Longe Line    $34.00

LNGLN02   Longe Line w/Overlay    $36.00


I have one of these and it is the best longe line I've ever used.


This item may require an extra shipping fee.




This is a lovely and economical way to keep saddles safe from the elements when not in use.

Stirrups fit into the inside pockets for snug fit.

Two sizes - regular and extra large.  

Made in the USA

Available in : Blue, Red, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Black, Brown, Purple, Navy

See fabric chart below


WSDLCVR01    Regular       $30.00

WSDLCVR02    XL             $33.00


This item may require an extra shipping fee.








The is the smaller version of our Western Saddle Cover.

This cover is perfect for use while riding and

schooling your horse and keeping your saddle dust-free.

A Velcro strap hooks behind your fenders and allows access to your stirrups.

Cover is 600 Denier polyester with a vinyl back to be

Made in the USA

Available in: Blue, Red, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Black, Brown, Purple, Navy

See fabric chart A below


SSDLCVR01         $30.00


This item may require an extra shipping fee.







This beautiful quilted "case"

is designed for a forward seat or an all-purpose saddle.

It features an exterior mesh girth pocket

which measures 59" long

and is detachable. 

Each case comes with a very handy Shoulder Strap.

Regular Western Saddle Case measures

41" Height, 32" Front to Back,

22" Skirt Depth, 14" Stirrup Width

Oversized Western Saddle Case measures

45" Height, 34" Front to Back,

24" Skirt Depth, 15" Stirrup Width

WSDLCS01    Regular    $158.00

WSDLCS02  Oversized    $168.00

Made in the USA

Colors: Blue, Red, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Black, Brown, Purple, Navy

See fabric chart A below


This item may require an extra shipping fee.





Tail Tamer makes the best hoofpick I've ever used. It is ergonomically correct and sooooooooooo strong

you can pick out a firmly wedged rock

without worrying that you'll break your pick.

Available in bright, fun colors -

green, purple, blue and pink


Keep one in your barn and another in your trailer.


HPK001          $12.95   



Same great colors as our ergonomically correct

hoofpick but a bit more conventional.

And note the SCRAPER at the end!

My friends are all loving this new, affordable little hoofpick, also from Tail Tamer.


Purple, green, pink and blue... take your PICK!


HPK002         $3.95




How about a colorful brush to go with your hoofpick? 

Tail Tamer created this special brush with

dense poly bristles in all your favorite colors  - 

purple, pink blue and green. 

It's not too stiff and not too soft...

not too big and not too small. 

It's just right for most areas of your horse

and it fits so comfortably in your hand

because the soft rubber backing doesn't slip around.


BSH003        $8.95


To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here



Another great brush from Tail Tamer. 

Similar to the heart brush but with a horseshoe

and a shorter,very soft boar bristle

that drags the dirt from the undercoats

and slicks it away

leaving a shine that

only natural bristle brushes can .

Black, Purple and Blue.

BSH004        $9.95


Assorted brushes from Tail Tamer.

The WHOA BRUSH is just plain fun and has medium length, medium firm bristles.

The Flick BRUSH has long, dense bristles

that are perfect for "flicking" the dirt and dust

off your horse.

I use mine as one of my finishing brushes.

BSH005     WHOA     $9.95

BSH006      Flick        $8.95





BY Tail Tamer is the nicest way to curry

or bathe your horse. 

It's the original "jelly" that everyone else tries to copy.

It's so soft yet produces a wonderful scratching

and really gets the loose hair and dirt off. 

The reverse side is soft enough to use on faces

and your hand fits in between for a firm grip.

Available in two sizes, so the little hands can use it too, and lots of fun colors.

JSCRUB    Regular     $5.95

JSCRUB    Small        $5.50







To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here


This adorable little brush is called a

Pin Brush

and it's from Tail Tamer.

It's perfect to groom forelocks and short manes and

makes a great kid's brush.

We also love to add it to gift baskets or as gift tie-ons.

PNBRSH          $2.50






Massage Pin Brush

After every ride I brush my horses with this great product by Epona.

 They just love the soothing and relaxing feel of the rounded wood bristles

and I love how the wood handle fits in my hand. 

When my first mare, Shiner, was pregnant,

this was the only brush she would let me use on her sensitive skin. 

You can even use it to gently detangle manes and tails. 

The entire brush is natural wood

with a background

for the bristles

in teal green, perwinkle blue or light brown.


Your horses will thank you every time you use it.


BSH002          $14.95




To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here



SSG Microfiber Econo Barn Glove

This will be a truly wonderful addition to your glove wardrobe. 

This barn glove will supplement your leather barn gloves

in cold, wet weather. 

Its smooth, microfiiber finish is windproof

(just like a windbreaker jacket)

and it's also water resistant

with a thin but highy effective Thinsulate lining. 

It even has a leather palm and finger reinforcements for riding.

I've been happily using mine in the barn and on the trail.

Black only .

Unisex sizes X-small, Small, Medium and Large

GLV010        $15.95







Ride n' Ranch

from SSG Gloves is a really great work glove that is comfortable to use all year round.

My favorite!

The fingertips and palm are made from

soft, durable goatskin

and the back is constructed out of

heavy lycra so it's comfortable and breathable.

Black with tan leather only.

Please call for size availability, which runs from

XSmall (7) thru XLarge (11).

GLV007          $28.95



To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here





It's thirsty like a sponge but durable and scrubby like a good scouring tool should be.

What a great idea Epona had when they came up with an 8" sponge in a sack.

Add soap and you're all set.

Another use  -  I extended the length of the rope and tied it to my saddle to wet down my horse at water crossings.

Choose from dark royal blue, deep violet or hunter green.


SPG001 $5.95




This is the biggest net scrubber I've ever used.

It's almost twice the size of the kind you find at the drugstore for yourself - good thing since Tail Tamer made this one is for your horse

(but you might like it in your shower, too!)

Choose from blue, green or lavender.


NET001 $3.50



To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here