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Gear for the Horse, Rider, Barn and Trailer

We've got some great products that you'll love to have with you on the trail..


This really well designed Horn Bag comes with 2 flap pockets and 2 holders for your water bottles. It includes 2 D-rings to attach securely to your saddle and one water bottle. 

Made in the U.S.A. by World Class Equine.

Available in Blue, Red, Navy, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Black, Brown, Purple


HB001        $34.00

Please Note:  This item may require an extra shipping fee.







World Class Equine designed this

 Collapsible 6 qt. Water Bucket that you can fold up and keep in your small saddle bag. Fill it with water from the stream to give your horse a drink or wet him down when he can't get into the water.

I keep one in each of my horses' cantel bags and use whenever I'm on a long ride.

Made in the U.S.A. from 18 oz. vinyl and available in Red and Black.

Also available in 10 qt. and there is a 2 qt. dog dish for your other  4-legged buddy 

BKT003 6 Qt. $14.95

 BKT004 10 Qt. $16.95

BKT005 2 Qt. $10.95


Please Note: These items may require an extra shipping fee.


To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here




from Sierra View Ranch General Store is a

must-have accessory for your saddle, especially out on the trail.

This substantial and durable clip-on tag with its heavy-duty scissor snap, has enough room on its waterproof, fold out "info sheet" to write in all the pertinent identification and emergency info for you and your horse. 

The I.C.E. Clip-On can also be attached to your horse's halter to use as an ID when you are traveling or at a show.

And the I.C.E.Clip-On is PORTABLE! Move it from saddle to belt loop . . . to your backpack or camera bag . . . or your dog's crate . . . or use it as a luggage tag. Endess possibilities, all with your safety in mind.

In stock in Black, Red, Royal Blue, Purple and Orange

(Other colors available by request.

Yellow, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Tan, Gray, White, Turquoise, Lime and Hot Pink)

ICECLP01        $15.00




To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here


Never Stop Riding Bottle by Tail Tamers is the best way to drink your favorite beverage on the trail.

I just love the single-handed operation and the lid that keeps dust and debris off the nipple.

Now you never EVER have to stop riding!

20 oz. Polycarbonate

Choose from Green, Smoke, Blue or Red

NSRWB1        $9.95


To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here